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Singer / Actor / Voice-Over Performer

The Basics

Sixty Five year old, Christian Straight Male, 5'8" (173cm) tall, 300 lbs / 135kg (100 lbs / 45kg overweight)

Divorced, No Children, Live Alone, Intensely Passionate, Intelligent, Retired Computer Consultant

Looking for a financially stable Passionate Single/Divorced/Widowed Lady between the ages of 32 to 50

Spiritually / Mentally / Physically / Emotionally / Financially Healthy

with no more than One Dependent Child at home, but still able to conceive

and wants to have at least one more baby (if I am still viable).

Should have a strong faith in God, and place your relationship with Him even above Ours

Prefer she be no taller than 5'7" (170cm) in her tallest heels

Proportional build, perhaps in little top heavy (a little wiggle in the walk is fine too)

with  weight of less than 135 lbs / 62kg

Petite is fine also as long as she is not 'skin and bone'

No TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) Sufferers Please

If you must Dump on Trump every chance you get ?

Expect me to counter with how laughable and Senile Joe 'Sniffer' Biden is...

If you wish to destroy America and rebuild it as a Socialist Country ?

If you are a proponent of Communism and the "One World Order" ?

We will NOT Get Along well !

If you are Ukrainian Lady and looking for a safe place to live ?

And meet the above criteria...

Please PLEASE PLEASE!   Contact me...

NOTE: There are several PAGES of content in the 'Full Preferences', so if any of the above has excuded
you as meeting the criteria, you might not want to proceed and waste time reading extended data.

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